Thrive In Five

Everything is better with friends. Group training makes the sweat more than bearable - it becomes fun you look forward to weekly!

This is an adapted program for the group and each individual to create and sustain an improved quality of life. The program’s purpose is to assist participants’ ability to engage in physical activity and use the power of the group by encouraging and supporting each other to stick with their goals and stay on track.


  • Adults (18 and over)
  • Desire to create and live a healthier lifestyle


  • Group-based program (5 people)
  • Physical activity training sessions to assist in overall health
  • Weekly newsletters including additional workouts, recipes, daily moves, healthy tips, etc.
  • Monthly Fitness Assessments (weight, blood pressure, measurements, physical fitness, etc.)


  • Month-long program/ongoing program meeting at least twice a week

When & Where?

  • YMCA set location for required workouts 2x/week
  • Participants encouraged to engage in activities inside and/or outside of the YMCA for the other days of the week


  • YMCA Members only - $100/month

To get a Thrive In Five group started, email our Healthy Living Director Andrea Sertell at or call (419) 422-4424!


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