Toddler Art, Science, & More

At the YMCA we believe that toddlers learn through play in both their learning experiences and their environment.

Classes run in 7-week sessions, and the following classes change from session to session.

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Creative Cooks - Grades K-4th

This hands-on program is for children that want to make delicious snacks in a fun, safe, and creative environment! Our "creative cooks" will learn about kitchen safety, dicing techniques, table setting, types of cookware & cooking tops while preparing easy snack recipes that can be enjoyed at class or at home!

Little Scientists - Ages 3-5

This class invites children to explore the wonders of science through a wide variety of hands on activities that are appropriate for little learners.

Moving Hands Toddler ASL - Ages 2-4

Children will receive a basic introduction to American Sign Language including greetings, letters, numbers, colors, and more!

Toddler Spanish Class - Ages 2-4

Lead by YMCA staff—children will explore the Spanish language both expressively and receptively. We will work on pronunciation of letters, introductions and manners. Additionally they will learn a variety of nouns and adjectives in relation to animals, holidays, food, people, places and more! Great way for children to get exposure to Spanish!


Toddler Art Zone - Ages 2-5

We will draw, paint, and build crafts. A great way for you, and your child to work together in this fun class.  

Toddler Music Mania! - Ages 2-5

Fun and exciting program that will focus on music exploration with toddlers and their parents! Utilizing songs, simple dances and toddler-friendly instruments. Children will experience music in a way that promotes language development, social skills, balance and coordination, and cognitive development.

Toddler Boot Camp - Ages 2-3

Through a range of developmentally appropriate activities, children are introduced to some of the fundamentals of sports and movement. Parents are encouraged to attend with their children.