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Meet Our Personal Trainers

Each trainer is an expert at their craft and has specialty certifications to meet their client's personal goals. You will be matched according to schedule availability and your health & wellness goals!

To schedule a session with one of our trainers, first please contact our Sr. Program Director Chandlar Cramer at or call (419) 422-4424. 

Megan Lay

megan lay ymca personal trainer

"Believe in yourself, and you will be unstoppable."

Megan is a certified personal trainer at the Findlay YMCA. Her passion is to help people change their lives through fitness and personal well-being. Megan believes that everyone is capable of good health and loving themselves inside and out. She loves helping others find the key that opens the door to a healthy lifestyle. 

According to Megan, "There is nothing better than seeing people pushed to places they've never been and achieve their goals."

Anyone can accomplish anything with a good plan and dedication.


TRX Certified Instructor

ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Red Cross Certified in CPR/First Aid

Christy Santistevan

christy findlay ymca trainer

A lifetime fitness enthusiast and advocate, Christy grew up in competitive sports and earned a Division II Scholarship for her first love….Basketball. Once competitive sports ran its course, running became a passion…Half Marathons, Full Marathons, Tough Mudders, etc. The desire to build strength initiated interest in CrossFit and re-fueled the competitive spirit through competitions and camaraderie. Having the privilege to be selected for NBC’s American Ninja Warrior was a special Highlight.

Individual successes have been rewarding, however the most fulfilling is training people on a functional level….one-on-one, group training, and class settings. Christy has been training/teaching classes near ten years and has truly loved EVERY. SINGLE. MINUTE.

Christy’s Motto is “Building Strength from the Inside Out." There’s more that goes into training than just the physical aspect. There are parts of a person’s health that can’t be seen…the internal health aspect is just as important!


ACE Fitness

CPR/First Aid

Jake Stiger

jakes stiger ymca trainer

Jake has been an athlete, and weight-trained for over 20 years; in addition, he has competed competitively in bodybuilding and powerlifting. Jake has always wanted to share his love and passion coupled together with his applied knowledge, experience with everyone! He believes that we all can become stronger in numerous ways, focusing on what we wish to excel in, however, not negating the importance of our weaknesses, allowing us to fortify our overall being! One of the characteristics of fitness that he loves is the ability to be able to tailor each and every person's personalized, structured program!

Whether your goal is hypertrophy, adding lean muscle mass, weight loss, or just to feel better and have more energy to make those memories with the family, Jake is here to help you achieve your goal(s). Jake's motto is, "Let's be the strongest version of ourselves!"


ISSA Certified Personal Trainer

NASM Nutritional Coach

CPR/First Aid Certified

Kate Lipa

ymca personal trainer

For most of Kate’s life, she felt unhealthy and struggled with her weight and fitness level. By her late 20s, after many attempts at diets and various fitness plans, she found weightlifting. With weightlifting, she found herself for the first time not just trying to “lose weight”, but instead doing something she loved and getting stronger.

Over the course of the next few years, she lost over 85 pounds and started competing in Olympic-style weightlifting all while redefining the way she saw herself.

Now, after getting certified through NASM and USA Weightlifting, she loves helping other people get strong and feel great.


First Aid & CPR


USA Weightlifting